Florida Restroom provides the cheapest, most affordable restroom trailers, shower trailer rentals, bathroom/shower trailer combo unit rentals as well as portapotty rentals throughout the Great State of Florida. For over decade, Florida Restrooms has been offering the most Elegant Wedding Restroom Trailer rentals in Lafayette County, Florida. Florida Restrooms pride themselves on maintaining the most elegant, high end bathroom/shower trailer rentals with heating and air conditioning, running water, electricity for lights and amenities such as televisions, DVD players, Stereo/CD system, fireplaces and other such comforts. Florida Restroom also provides Emergency Restroom Trailer Rentals & Emergency Shower Trailer Rentals For FEMA, City Town Governments, Municipalities, State Government Functions, Federal Government Functions, Military Exercises, Coast Guard, Air Force, Army/Navy, Marines, Navy Seals, Fundraisers, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Colleges & Universities, Public/Private Schools, Institutional Facilities, Factories, Warehouses,  Commercial Office Buildings, Commercial Renovations/Remodeling Sites, Soccer/Football Camps, Campgrounds and many other purposes.

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Restroom Trailers in Lafayette County FL
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Restroom Trailer Rentals in Lafayette County FL
Florida Restrooms is the finest mobile restroom trailer rental company in Lafayette County, Florida providing one of the largest selections of luxury bathroom trailer rentals, shower trailers, restroom/shower combo units and porta potty (portable toilet) rentals throughout The Sunshine State.

Florida Restrooms is family owned/operated and pride themselves on 100% Customer Satisfaction. All units are meticulously maintained and are perfect for large outdoor events such as weddings, fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, corporate retreats, family reunions, church outings, construction/remodeling sites and many other purposes.
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